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Panda Electronics has long been engaged in themanufacturing of high-end equipment. It owns independent intellectual propertyrights in factory automation system and equipment field. With domestic leadingtechnologies, it is the sole company in China to produce automatic system ofLCD panel line.

Relying on itselfadvantages and grasping the opportunity of industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025,the Company has focused on industrial robot and intelligent plant system, andgreatly developed the three industries including intelligent manufacturingsystem, intelligent manufacturing core equipment and key parts. The intelligentmanufacturing system covers LCD-TFT automatic system, AM-OLED automatic system,automatic welding line and intelligent plant; the intelligent manufacturingcore equipment includes industrial robot, digital welding machine; and the keyparts consist of precision machinery manufacturing, precision sheet metalmanufacturing and EMS, among which LCD-TFT intelligent transmission and storagesystem is the China industrial revitalization project.

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